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i just wanted to send an email to say thanks and let you know how you have affected my life. as you know i graduated from a local dfw real estate inspector school about 2 1/2 years ago. the school was good enough to get me past the state test and get my inspector's license but not very good for real life as an inspector. i tried to make it on my own for the first few months (around nine), and did 11 or so inspections during that time.

as luck or the grace of god would have it, i met you at a local inspectors' monthly meeting and you said you were looking at bringing on some new inspectors. i gave you my card and you called me a few weeks later. i have to admit i was skeptical but was also starving on my own. after meeting with you for lunch and listening to all you had to say and offer, i was more than willing to jump aboard with your company. it didn’t take very long to realize how fortunate i was. your intensive training started the minute i walked in the door of your company and never stopped. you leave no stone unturned. i was so amazed how your brain is always thinking about every aspect of home inspections from the minute you pull up to drive away and everything in between, including marketing which is as intensive if not more than the inspection process. your hands on real world role playing really prepared me for my first inspection. i had a comfort level that first inspection that made me proud to be under your wing. i was confident talking to clients and realtors and was able to answer all their questions with knowledge and ease. i was up and running in under two months with your training methods which was unbelievable.

as for marketing i have never seen someone beat the path like you, you got me into realtors' offices that before joining your company would slam the door in my face or just throw away my brochures the minute i walked out of their offices. i was sitting in their monthly meetings and getting to know realtors on a personal level that was unbelievable. i am now doing inspections for realtors' personal home purchases and their relatives as well, which says everything, not to mention all the referrals i am getting on a daily basis.

mike you are without a doubt an industry giant in the home inspection business and your marketing methods are incredible.

i am using your methods more now that it has slowed down but during the busy season when i didn’t have time to market much you were there beating the path and now you are gone. i am just thankful for the training i got before you left so i can keep it going.

if you ever need me as a referral i will be more than happy to talk to anyone anytime. have them email me and ask questions and i will answer them all.

i am making more money now than i ever have...

and i had a great job working for nortel networks before this and was in the big layoffs there, but my life style hasn’t changed and in fact, has gotten better. as you know i just had a new house built and it was over $200,000 and i owe my success to you. again thank you mike crow for everything. i know you will be successful in anything you do!

thanks again,

jim starkey, professional home inspector


let me start talking a little about my self, i was raised in a difficult environment... since i didn’t find orientation in my house, i learned to learn from others. i used to watch very close the people that have success; i tried to learn everything i could from them. i was very lucky to find a few very special people in my way, so i can learn from them. and you, my friend, were my most recent discovery. i met a few good men in my short life, but this was the first time that i met somebody that was a success in all the phases of life, professional, spiritual, and family.

in the office you inspire respect, and motivation to work, but not with, arrogance, you always were in a good mood, with a smile, and i know that is not easy to accomplish. when you talk, the people have to listen, because you talk with authority, and confidence. after i met you i felt that i was in good hands, and that i could absorb a lot from you. i think i learn pretty much what i need from you about the business, but i understand that i didn’t have time to learn was what was most important to me, the personal side of mike crow. it was an honor to meet you mike, i am a young man, but i can tell, you are a special person. ...i wish i would spend at least a year with you, i would have gotten very far if i had a father like you. thanks for your trust in me and gaving me the opportunity of working for you. i know that what you teach me was not only in the interest of u.s. inspect or yours, but also for my personal benefit. like i told you before, i almost think you can walk on water; by the way you should try mike, who knows.

thanks again mike. i wish you the best in your future plans.

javier, professional home inspector

i do want to say that your training when i came to us inspect really helped me in becoming a much better inspector. it's hard to get anyone in the business to help out a new guy just learning the ropes. the time spent doing an inspection with someone coming along for a checkup during the inspection was very helpful for focusing on anything i might have overlooked. i also was impressed with the training in the routine for an inspection for maximum time benefit. once you get a set way to go through the process its hard to miss anything because you are used to doing the same thing at a certain point in the inspection. also you brought along the termite training for being able to do termite inspections with a home inspection. this is something i probably wouldn't have done if still on my own but because you had everything available so the process wasn't so hard it was much easier than i thought it would be. you are a very easy person top learn from because you don't get upset and ches anyone out over mistakes but allow them to be a part of the learning experience. i find you to be a very encouraging person rather than condemning and judgemnetal when there are mistakes made. you picked me up, dusted me off, and set me on the path again many times while we worked together.

thank you,

wayne shepherd

in 1997 i entered into an agreement with mike crow at affordable inspections. seven years later i can look back and say that the training and experience i gained with mike has been the most successful investment i have ever made. let me explain.

affordable inspections had been around for a number of years before i joined them and the company enjoyed an excellent reputation among the real estate agents in the dfw area. nearly every real estate agent i spoke with knew of affordable inspections or had used them for their inspections and had good things to say about them.

the first time i met with mike we spent about an hour sizing each other up, asking questions, and gathering information. there was no pressure at all from mike to make an initial commitment. mike wanted to give me all the information i needed to make an intelligent choice about changing my career path. after learning about me he thought that i had a good chance at becoming a capable real estate inspector. i was not so sure. so, mike suggested that i ride with an experienced inspector for a day and see exactly what the job was like. i thought that was a great idea, and he immediately scheduled for me to ride along with an experienced inspector the very next day.

that was a day i will never forget. keith lane, the inspector i rode with explained everything that went on during the two inspections he did that day. i was so impressed with keith's knowledge of houses and the inspection business and the down to earth common sense and judgement he used during that day. keith said that the training and instruction he received from mike gave him the ability to do his job so well. keith also said becoming a real estate inspector was a career change for him. i found out we had a lot in common, and keith shared his experience with me which helped make up my mind.

after another interview with mike and reviewing the contract all inspectors signed with affordable inspections i decided to take the plunge. training began immediately. in the beginning there were two classes a week mike conducted at 6:00am at the office that lasted about and hour and a half each. they included training material that mike had put together himself and helpful video tapes that mike had selected that included information inspectors in texas could use immediately. i was impressed that there was no fluff in the material. everything we spent the time to learn was valuable to the job. i quickly learned that mike was not only a gifted inspector, he was also a very gifted and talented trainer and motivator. many times i felt completely overwhelmed with the amount of information an inspector needed to know, but mike was there to give me support and encouragement along the way.

it took six months of intensive classroom instruction, passing the required tests for all inspectors in texas at that time, and over 200 inspections as an apprentice under experienced inspectors who held the professional real estate inspector license before i was ready to finally inspect a house on my own without direct supervision. that was a landmark day. i was very nervous when first drove up and parked in front of the house. but the nervousness quickly faded when i met the buyer and agent on the front porch. mike's training even included the correct words and phases to use when speaking with the various parties involved in the inspection. the time sped by and before i knew it, the inspection was over. there were no surprises, nothing that came up that had not been covered in my training. i drove away from that house knowing that i had made the right decision about getting into the home inspection business and joining the right company.

mike crow did an excellent job training his inspectors and building his company. he knows the business inside and out.

-cliff willis

i have been in corporate america for over 30 years. i have worked for several managers, and have had the pleasure to have two excellent managers with whom i have worked. my experience and education is in management, so, i believe i am a qualified judge of good management skills. one of these two outstanding managers is mike crow.

in one of my previous lives i had the pleasure to work with a gentleman who embodied the epitome of managerial excellence. when i worked with mike crow, i thought mike was this person’s reincarnation or twin.

mike is one of the easiest people to work with that i have had the pleasure of knowing. he is always running on an even keel. i do not remember the time he was mad or out of sorts.

his marketing skills are better than any i have ever seen. he has insight and the ability to transfer that insight to others to grow their markets.

he is the reason that i went to work for u.s. inspect.

-jerry yerby

mike crow is the ultimate professional.

i have known mike for several years, and he knows how to provide service beyond his customers expectations. he is always considerate and puts the needs of his customer first.

attending mike's conference will change the way you do business and you will learn how to wow your customers, who will then refer their family, friends and neighbors to you.

marilyn agoos, re/max premier realtors


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