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if you missed the live 3 days of secrets revealed seminar...

don't miss out on this special offer!

mike,  i have been to many seminars in several different fields (financial management, stock investing, law enforcement, education) and the 3 days of secrets was by far the best i’ve ever attended.  each day was jammed full of information i can use to take my business to the next level, and the next, and the next!     

~bob beavin, brentwood, ca

dear fellow home inspector,

you’ve spent the time, effort and money to learn basic business skills. now it is time to harness the million dollar marketing and implementation secrets that i have up to this point only shared with a few close friends. i can help you grow your business and prosper like you never thought possible!

let me introduce myself – i am mike crow. i am known as one of the most successful inspectors in the nation. i grew a mom and pop (and son) company to a level that we were growing at 40% a month for the last six months and we were headed toward the 2 million dollar per year gross revenue. that’s right – $2,000,000.00 per year. in part i have done this by taking ideas and strategies from one industry and superimposing them on another. i would like to show you how i can do this for you.

all that i need from you is your willingness to put aside three days. the truth of the matter is that today, more than ever, marketing is the engine that drives every business. marketing makes you money, gives you superiority, and differentiates you from your competitors.

marketing has nothing to do with misleading people, creating false impressions, or getting people to buy things they don’t want. that’s bad marketing. marketing isn’t complicated, expensive, or even risky.

quite simply, marketing is what happens when you are good to your customers. it’s the process that allows you to identify potential customers, differentiate yourself from your competitors, explain how you can help them achieve their goals, and keep them coming back again and again.

let me ask you…

• do you feel satisfied helping someone fulfill a need?

• does the idea of being an innovator or agent of change appeal to you?

• do you enjoy educating people and telling the truth about your service?

• are you comfortable with making money – lots of money?

yes? then you are a marketer at heart.

unfortunately, if you’re like 99% of all growing businesses, you probably allocate too few resources to marketing, overlook many low-risk or no-risk marketing opportunities, and don’t maximize your marketing efforts.

allow me to introduce you to the marketing program that will change your business forever.

announcing “mike crow's business building and marketing power tools ” a program that will help you build your business with unparalleled marketing into a comprehensive, results-orientated system you can apply to your business right now!

it’s an extraordinary adventure in business-building that introduces you to some of the most successful, most innovative, and most profitable marketing and selling ideas.

mike crow's business building and marketing power tools can help you breathe new life into your business in so many different ways. you learn how to …

• grow your business and differentiate it from your competitors.
• multiply your sales and dramatically improve the effectiveness of your advertising.
• create highly leveraged strategic alliances and joint ventures that literally bring business to your door.
• maximize every asset, contact, opportunity, relationship, distribution channel, employee, financial and human capital you have available.
• take control of your business as you isolate quantity and evaluate every aspect of your business.
• identify new ways to sell more things to more people, more frequently.
• remove chaos by creating clear, easy to follow priorities that empower your employees and reassure your customers.

you’ll be amazed how easily you can adapt these ideas into your business… how suddenly you’ll see significantly better results from the same time, manpower and capital … and how many overlooked, untapped, and under-utilized cash cows you’ll discover right under your nose.


the school was good enough to get me past the state test and get my inspectors license but not very good for real life as an inspector. i tried to make it on my own for the first few months (around nine), and did 11 or so inspections during that time.
it didn't take very long to realize how fortunate i was. your intensive training started the minute i walked in the door of your company and never stopped. you leave no stone unturned. i was so amazed how your brain is always thinking about every aspect of home inspections form the minute you pull up to the drive away and everything in between, including marketing which is as intensive if not more than the inspection process.
you got me into realtors' offices that before joining your company would slam the door in my face or just throw away my brochures the minute i walked out of their offices. i was sitting in their monthly meetings and getting to know realtors on a personal level that was unbelievable.

mike, you are without a doubt an industry giant in the home inspection business and your marketing methods are incredible.

...i am making more money now than i ever have... i just had a new house built and i owe my success to you. again, thank you mike crow for everything.

-jim starkey
professional home inspector


i’m delighted to offer you the opportunity to join a select group of growing businesses and to make you an offer that i have never made before.

if you decide to accept my offer, you will follow in the footsteps of home inspectors and others who have worked with me to literally change their lives over the last 18 years. they came from virtually every type of business.

you’re invited on an exciting journey that will have you rushing to your business each morning to put these breakthrough strategies to work.

mike crow's business building and marketing power tools are a life changing, profit-enhancing process. it breaks your business down into a set of key result areas and then remodels it, optimizing every strategy, sales process, and element of your promotional activity. it helps you turn your company into:

• an organization that grows exponentially – capturing new markets, harnessing new profit opportunities, and developing more valuable relationships with clients.

• an organization that adds tremendous value to customers, employees, suppliers and owners.

an organization so systematized and mechanized that control rests squarely in the hands of you and your management team, mike crow's business building and marketing power tools are a business-building system that shows you how to go from a well-respected and appreciated company to a well-respected and highly profitable one.

it’s filled with proven, street-smart, results-oriented, non-theoretical, no-nonsense, bottom-line techniques you can apply immediately. it is so thorough, so actionable, and so intensive that your business will be transformed into a finely tuned, highly focused marketing machine.


his marketing skills are better than any i have ever seen. he has insight and the ability to transfer that insight to others to grow their markets.

-jerry yerby


identify the safest, fastest, most effective, and most profitable route to growing your business.

if you follow the program, you’ll see vivid, tangible, bottom-line results in just weeks. it’s transactionally impossible not to have a tremendous breakthrough.

you will discover:

• how to take your business to the next level in size, profits, and position in the marketplace.

• how to get the maximum results from your time, money and effort.

• how to make your business so radically different from your competitor’s that you effectively have a monopoly over your customers.

• how to acquire more new customers without spending thousands on advertising or a sales force.

• how to increase your bottom line exponentially, not gradually.

• how to unearth thousands of dollars buried in your business.

• how to isolate and quantify a select group of result areas that hold the key to breakneck, exponential growth for your business.

• how to optimize your business strategy by testing, measuring, evaluating, and systematizing.

• how to leverage your marketing so you control downside risk while retaining unlimited upside potential.

• how to think like a marketing genius.

at the conclusion, your business will have undergone an amazing transformation. you will have created an integrated business growth plan specifically for your business – one that identifies and prioritizes opportunities, recognizes risks to avoid, and arms you with superior techniques no one in your industry is using!

in the process, you will unleash the energetic, inspired, million dollar enterprise that has been caged within your business since the very beginning!

growth rates of 50%, 100% or even 500% are not out of the question!

i am certain that by applying this incredible business-building system to your business, you will become infinitely more productive, effective, customer focused, and profitable.


since i didn't find orientation in my house, i learned to learn from others. i used to watch very closely the people that have success; i try to learn everything i can from them. and you, my friend, were my most recent discovery. i met a few good men in my short life, but this was the first time that i met somebody that was success in all the phases of life, professional, spiritual, and family.
...i wish i could spend at least a year with you. like i told you before, i almost think you can walk on water; by the way you should try mike, who knows.

professional home inspector


how much can your company make from this program?

i’d love to say you’ll double the size of your business. but let’s say you only increase your profitability by 15-20%, you only raise your average sale by 8%, your ads only pull 5% more inquires, your office schedules only one more customer out of ten, what would that mean to your business over a month … six months … a year … forever? is that enough to justify trying this program?

of course, these claims are just rhetoric until you see tangible results for yourself in your business.

i know of only one way to convince you, and that is to offer you my “extraordinary guarantee.”

my “extraordinary guarantee” is that i will enthusiastically assume all the risk.

i promise that when you attend mike crow's business building and marketing power tools and in good faith apply what you learned every week, it is improbable if not statistically impossible – that you won’t have a major breakthrough.

i can’t guarantee you will have a million dollar breakthrough immediately. it may only be $10,000. or even $7,000. but i guarantee that your breakthrough will be worth 10 times your investment in just a few months.

i will even give you until the end of one full year and if you aren't delighted ecstatic with the mike crow's business building and marketing power tools, just turn your materials in and my team will give you a complete refund for the course, plus up to $50.00 for shipping.

buy now!

a lifelong payback period.

best of all, your profits don’t stop after six weeks or even six months. after completing the mike crow's business building and marketing power tools you will walk away with applications, knowledge, and ideas for the rest of your life – in everything you do.

you will adopt an “everything is possible”, “nothing can stand in your way”, “do things your way,” and “have fun doing it” way of conducting your business. you will have supreme control over your fate, total confidence in what you’re doing and a remarkable liberation from the stress and problems that weigh down everyone else in your industry.

you will be the most skilled, knowledgeable, and profit-driven business person you know. you will see opportunities where you once saw obstacles, eliminate boundaries of what and how much you can achieve, leverage your assets to virtually eliminate risk, and never again have a problem motivating yourself or others.

how to realize the profits and income you had in mind when you went into business in the first place.
with mike crow's business building and marketing power tools you are three days away from learning how to take control of your business… leveraging your time and energy to produce maximum results… enjoying tremendous advantages over your competitors…setting and playing by your own rules… virtually eliminating all fear, anxiety and stress… rediscovering the joy and satisfaction of success… and freeing yourself and your business to achieve greater results than you ever thought possible.

this step-by-step program provides you with all the information you need to achieve your business goals, including:

1. how to identify and discover hidden assets in your business continuously.
2. how to mine cash windfalls from your business each and every month.
3. how to engineer success into every action you take or decision you make.
4. how to build a business foundation based on multiple profit streams instead of depending on a single revenue source.
5. how to be different, special, unique, and advantageous in the eyes of your customers.
6. how to gain real value among your customers and employees for maximum loyalty and results.
7. how to maximize your personal leverage in every action, investment, time or energy commitment you make.
8. how to network, mastermind, and brainstorm with like minded, success-driven people who share real-life experiences with you.
9. how to turn yourself into an idea generator and a recognized innovator in your industry or market.
10. how to incorporate “growth thinking” into your everyday business philosophy.
11. how to reverse the risk for both you and your customers in everything you do (so the downside is almost zero and the upside potential nearly infinite.)
12. how to employ the success practices of others by modeling their philosophies.

the key to exponential – rather than gradual – growth.

mike crow's business building and marketing power tools shares with you the basic principles, basic strategies, ideas for building up your businesses, ways to increase the number of customers, steps to multiplied profits, strategies to out-market your competition, ways to get your customers to buy more and more often, and countless other profit-certain strategies, ads, sales approaches, and negotiating techniques that work in virtually any business setting. in all, you get multiple concepts and your business can truly soar!

buy now
to have realtors say this about you...

dear mike,
i just wanted to write you a note to tell you how much i appreciate you and your philosophy of business. having been in the real estate business since 1981, i have seen and been around all types of inspectors.
the difference between the way the majority of inspectors do business and the way you handle your business and clients is amazing. you obviously care about your clients; you want to give a complete and honest assessment of the home, and you want to take it even a step or two further.

this is why i changed from the inspection company i have
been using for over 15 years to yours.

i wish that all inspection companies showed the level of service and consideration that yours does. they would be referred more often because realtors would feel safe in recommending them. thanks for all you do. i appreciate your help and consideration for my clients.

-barbara farner
ebby halliday, realtors



the hardest part of developing this program was deciding how much to charge.

don’t get me wrong. creating mike crow's business building and marketing power tools was the most difficult and emotionally draining project i have ever been involved in.

first, i was forced to articulate what i do instinctively.
second, i was challenged to create a truly unique, integrated, “hands-on” way of working with you personally that lets you synthesize the approaches, strategies and ideas, identify the most appropriate ones, and apply them to your own unique business.

in fact, this program has been in the making in the back of mind for over 10 years, and i have spent literally over a quarter of a million dollars!

but developing the program was easy compared to the dilemma i faced about pricing.

i didn’t want to charge too much. after all, the whole objective is to make the ideas, strategies, and approaches available to ambitious entrepreneurs who can’t afford my $3,000.00 a day consulting fee.

so after much debate and soul-searching, i decided to charge $1498 1122 dollars for the full course including transcripts of the tapes from the live event. and only $997 without the transcripts. this detracts the people who aren’t really serious about improving their business.

actually, the program really costs you nothing … ever!

unfortunately, as i later discovered, there is a flaw in my thinking. because the shrewd entrepreneurs will immediately realize that this program really costs nothing at all.

just think about it:

• i guarantee you will “find” an additional $5,000.00 in just a few months.

• i am giving you a better than full money satisfaction guarantee.

• if you deduct the program cost from your new-found profits, the program essentially costs you nothing!

if, by some chance, you don’t believe that by the end of one year, you have the opportunity to turn in all your materials and it still costs you nothing!

reserve your copy today!

why am i making such an offer?

actually there are three reasons. all of which will give you an insight into how i think and how i can help your improve your business.

first, i, like you, am in the business of adding value. i am assured a comfortable income as long as: a) i market myself effectively and b) i really help businesses like yours grow and prosper.

you didn’t come to me. i came to you, so shouldn’t i be the one to take the risk in the unlikely event the program doesn’t meet your expectations? in fact, i don’t believe i should make a penny until i have proven myself to you.

second, i recognize that not every business is ready to implement my ideas. some entrepreneurs don’t want to grow to the next level. some are concerned their product or service won’t stand up to the scrutiny. and others are afraid that they’ll lose control of their business or their life.

ninety-nine times out of 100, these fears are unfounded. however, if after reviewing the program, you discover that your business is exactly where you want it to be, i’d rather you turn your materials in and i will give them to someone else that is more likely to benefit from it.

the third reason is a business philosophy called risk reversal. risk reversal recognizes that when two parties come together to transact business, one side is always going to be asked – explicitly or implicitly – to take the risk on the other side.

by consciously, openly, and enthusiastically assuming all the risk, i’m eliminating the primary obstacles preventing you from coming to this 3-day event: the fear of making the wrong decision, the fear of being misled, the fear of being talked into something you don’t need or won’t benefit from.

buy now

you’ll learn more about risk reversal at the mike crow's business building and marketing power tools. but, if you apply this principle to your business right away, you’ll see three results: a) you’ll generate more sales than ever before, b) you’ll find out how good your service really is and c) you’ll pre-empt your competition in a way they can do nothing about!

i want you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams!

that’s why i’m only asking $1498 $1122 for these life-changing tools, and only $997 if you can live without the printed transcripts of the entire 3 day event.

that’s why i’m agreeing to assume all the risk for the cost of the course with my guarantee.

if you build on the successes i’m certain you’ll have in the first few months – the results thereafter should double, redouble, and then double on top of that.

that’s how to grow your business exponentially.

what if you’re too busy for the mike crow's business building and marketing power tools?

ironically, mike crow's business building and marketing power tools are designed for people who don’t have time to take advantage of the event. the sessions will teach you how to manage your time and how to help teach others how to respect your time as you set boundaries.

from this moment on, you’ll never feel overwhelmed, out-of control, or scared again.

so what are you waiting for? take advantage of this “better than risk-free” offer now.

click here to buy now or call toll free 1-800-211-3981 and put the most powerful business-building tool ever developed in your hands. alternatively, you can sign up on our web site via email to christa@mikecrow.com.

don’t miss out. here’s an extraordinary opportunity to apply the tools that have catapulted so many businesses into extreme success… your chance to grow and prosper beyond your wildest dreams … your chance to finally realize the vision that inspired you to go into business in the first place!

do it for your family. do it for your customers. most of all do it for you!

and remember, you won’t spend anything unless you are convinced you will make 10 times the cost of the course. so please, respond now. i guarantee you won’t regret it.

sincerely yours,

mike crow
millionaire inspector community

p.s. one more thing. it’s very important.

if you’re still not sure that mike crow's business building and marketing power tools are worthwhile, you should know that i now charge $3,000.00 a day for my consulting services.


"mike crow is the ultimate professional."

i have known mike for several years, and he knows how to provide service beyond his customers' expectations. he is always considerate and puts the needs of his customer first.
attending mike's conference will change the way you do business and you will learn how to wow your customers, who will then refer their family, friends and neighbors to you.

-marilyn agoos
re/max premier realtors


but you don’t need to spend that kind of money. for less than the cost of half a day of my time, you’ll get to benefit from nearly everything i know about successful marketing and business building.

and since i’m not asking you to pay the $9,000 that i charge for three days, and i guarantee you will receive 10 times the amount of the cost of the these powerful tools – which you can simply deduct the price from your profits. so the program essentially cost you nothing.

as you can see, the only way you can lose on this proposition is if you pass it up. so click here to sign-up now. for faster service call toll-free 1-800-211-3981 now.

sign-up on-line now
or call now 1-800-211-3981


ldon’t miss this first ever home inspector business building and marketing power tools, or you will kick yourself!

lread on to see what your competitors will be learning, and what you will have to compete with if you don’t have the information!

mike crow's business building and marketing power tools
the most powerful home inspector marketing tools you’ll ever see

discover the strategies highly successful inspectors are using to increase their revenues and profits.
truly successful professionals are more productive and more profitable than you ever imagined. they are in control of their businesses and their lives; they choose how and when they work. they enjoy lucrative, predictable incomes. they never have to hard sell. they never cold call. they never spend money on marketing and advertising that does not produce immediate, verifiable results every time. their clients consider them their consultant for life. and they enjoy a steady stream of new clients, as well.

how do they do it?

they learned the secrets of building a successful, reliable, 100% referral-based business. you can, too.
by utilizing the mike crow's business building and marketing power tools you’ll learn new, highly profitable business systems that will help you transform your business into one that generates substantially higher revenue while requiring significantly less time.

bottom line: this is the best investment of
time and money you’ll ever make. guaranteed.

shortly after ordering you will receive a valuable workbook containing the strategies and systems you can begin using as soon as you return to your office. it is your permanent roadmap to building a more profitable business.


"the training and experience i gained with mike has been
the most successful investment i have ever made..."

...enjoyed an excellent reputation among the real estate agents in the dfw area. nearly every real estate agent i spoke with knew of affordable inspections or had used them for their inspections and had good things to say about them.
training began immediately. i was impressed that there was no fluff in the material. everything we spent the time to learn was valuable to the job. i quickly learned that mike was not only a gifted inspector, he was also a very gifted and talented trainer and motivator.
...i was very nervous when first drove up and parked in front of the house. but the nervousness quickly faded when i met the buyer and agent on the front porch. mike's training even included the correct words and phases to use when speaking with the various parties involved in the inspection.
mike crow did an excellent job training his inspectors and building his company. he knows the business inside and out.

-cliff willis


the industry’s most effective business plan

you’ll leave mike crow's business building and marketing power tools with a concrete business plan guaranteed to help you increase your income faster and easier than any cold call selling techniques could. these strategies are proven, field-tested and will produce measurable results every time you use them.
led by mike crow, one of the most sought-after business coaches in the industry, you’ll be coached on how to use these systems to grow your business through referrals. you’ll practice the skill-building strategies and techniques that will improve your business immediately.
in fact, you’ll implement strategies before finishing mike crow's business building and marketing power tools that will have a direct and long-lasting impact on your clients, your business – and your bottom line!

buy now and

you’ll learn:

• the five key steps for receiving more referrals
• the art of asking for referrals – you’ll be surprised at its simplicity
• what the just ask strategy is and how it can ignite your referral business
• how to reconnect with past clients to rekindle these relationships
• the most effective answer to the question, “how’s business?”
• direct response marketing secrets that are tested and proven to generate pre-qualified, ready-to-act clients
• and more!

bottom line:
this is the best investment
of time and money you’ll ever make!
100% guaranteed

we guarantee that these business-building systems and strategies, along with the training and coaching you receive, will add 1 to 5 inspections per month to your bottom line. if you decide this event does not live up to our promise, we will immediately refund every penny you paid for the course. simply turn in your materials and ask for a refund within a full year. no explanation is necessary. your fee will be cheerfully refunded, plus we will reimburse you upto $50.00 for your shipping expenses (based on your documented receipts).

take control of your business and your life. simply take the first step and register for mike crow's business building and marketing power tools. it may be one of the most important steps in your life.
register today online click here or call 1-800-211-3981
you will thank me later!!
you’ll kick yourself if you miss this!!!

buy now!

mike crow's business building and marketing power tools - advanced package (includes the transcripts for all three days).

non inner circle member
gold members - enter promo code "gold" at checkout to get a 30% gold discount
dream team members - you should have received this system (also known as "the big bang marketing implementation kit") for free with your dream team membership...if you are buying another copy, enter promo code "dreamteam" at checkout to get a 50% dream team discount

mike crow's business building and marketing power tools - basic package

gold members - enter promo code "gold" at checkout to get a 30% gold discount
dream team members - you should have received this system (also known as "the big bang marketing implementation kit") for free with your dream team membership...if you are buying another copy, enter promo code "dreamteam" at checkout to get a 50% dream team discount

*** note: when you join the dream team you will automatically be sent mike crow's business building and marketing power tools for free! ***


also, we are continually asked to notify people when we are releasing a new product or service. if you would like to be notified, please add your name and email and click the notify me button, and we will update you as new products and services become available.
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